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No need to have differnt Apps to view your cameras. You can Zoom, Tilt and Pan from the same view you use to control lights or open door. Receive alerts.

With just a few tabs you can create schedules to control your devices to dim, turn On or Off ant Sunsent, Sunrise or any time of the day.

Universal Thermostat. Control temperature from your bed, program from you PC or change while away from home. Add more Thermostats

We install windows shades and the necesary products and software so your shades go up or down at a spedicifc ime of the day, sunset/dawn or at the press of a button

LED. Fluorecent. CFC. Multi-colored. Incandecent. Up to 240 volts and 1800 watts.  Full dim control from wall, App, Program Schedules in your computer

Create Schedules

View Cameras from the same App

Control A/C from Anywere

Control Any Light, Any Appliance

Take full advantage of your controlled devices and create scenes that sculpt the light for your entire home. Movie, Parties, Sleep Time, Away from home!

Build Scenes

Control Window Shades